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About Enskri

Powering white label personalization for digital gifting.

✓ differentiator for digital marketplace
✓ added value for customers
✓ collection of user data
✓ mobile enabled
✓ scalability

For the E-Commerce Retailer/Distributor

     Make your customers happy and capture more revenue when your customer orders a digital version of a product with an add-on option to personalize. Now, your site can provide your valued customer with a video template or inscription design choice for gifting ebooks, music downloads, videos, and other products. Our solution adds revenue for you and more choices for your customers.

     Our unique approach to digital purchases will differentiate your ebooks, games, and other digital products from the rest of the pack in this competitive and growing market. As digital purchases begin to outpace physical products in books, video, gaming and music markets, you can offer the same personalization, and more, that physical gifts offer. All without your customer leaving your site. Valuable user data personalization will be available to you as well.


Enskri selected as one of only 18 startups to participate in national BookExpo Challenge at Book Expo America 2014 in NYC, the premier publishing trade event. Here are links to recent articles about the challenge:

The Enskri Team

Anne E. Nash


Bebe (Sarah) Brechner


Todd Willey



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